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About The Managers

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Christopher Page

Chris founded Laurus Investment Counsel in 2014 with a vision to build a firm that is focused on small cap investing, fosters independent investment thought, and nurtures exceptional client relationships. He is responsible for leading the growth and management of the business. For over thirty years, Chris has held senior roles including President & Chief Investment Officer of a boutique equity firm, Director and Chief Operating Officer of a mid-sized investment counsel, and Director of Institutional Investments of a large insurance company.Chris has been engaged by a variety of pension committees and charitable organizations over the years, and is currently active on the investment committee of the Canadian Olympic Committee. Chris and his wife Cheryl are avid tennis players and golfers, and are generally active outdoors.

Linda Lebrun

As Portfolio Manager, Linda is engaged in shaping the strategy and direction of Laurus’ equity portfolios for optimal performance within the process and risk framework of the firm’s philosophy. Linda previously served as Portfolio Manager of US Equities at a wealth management firm in Toronto. Prior to that she was an equity analyst at a Toronto boutique brokerage covering Canadian industrial products and special situations. She is a CFA charterholder and has completed numerous courses in the CICBV’s Chartered Business Valuator program.Outside the office, Linda is a voracious reader of nonfiction, especially biography and history, and enjoys hiking on Ontario’s many beautiful nature trails with her husband Barry.

Dennis Starritt

Dennis has been active in the investment industry since 1971, most recently as President and CIO of Bluewater Investment Management. Prior to Bluewater, Dennis held several senior investment positions, including being the first addition to the investment team that oversaw the investment growth at Trimark Investment Management.

About Laurus Investment Counsel

Laurus Investment Counsel is a unique investment organization, established to provide institutional investment counselling services. Our disciplined, fundamental research process is focused on investing client money in tomorrow’s blue‐chip leaders. Consciously structured to align our interests with those of our clients, we foster an investment culture that avoids emotional decisions and promotes independent thought by encouraging continuous learning and development for our team.

The Laurus approach is to invest as long‐term owners in wealth‐creating companies trading below conservatively‐estimated intrinsic value, and to own the optimal amount of each investment with a goal of maximizing absolute returns. To help you understand our process, the following definitions will help:

  • Long‐term owners – Investors who analyze how much cash their investments will pay them, as opposed to speculators who worry about the market’s short‐term assessment of the value of their holdings. We view our investments as part ownership stakes in businesses that will compensate us over long time periods. To quote Warren Buffett, “Our favourite holding period is forever.”
  • Wealth‐creating companies – Businesses that generate returns on their owners invested capital greater than the cost of that capital, thus creating wealth. We assess returns based on free cash flow (gross profit less operating expenses less capital investments necessary to maintain and build the assets).
  • Intrinsic value – The sum of future estimated free cash flows generated by the company, discounted at a conservative rate based on cost of capital.
  • Optimal amount – The appropriate weighting of a particular investment in the portfolio based on the differential between its current market value and our expected intrinsic value. As both values are dynamic, the variation between the two can either contract or expand depending on the market’s dominant emotions at any particular time. When we anticipate high returns, we will purchase more of the stock, and subsequently will trim our position as the return expectation decline. If at any time we feel there is no upside left in our position, we exit.A discussion of our process would not be complete without a brief comment on risk. We view risk as the potential for permanent capital loss. Unlike many academics, we do not view risk and volatility as synonymous. Volatility is a function of emotion, created by greed when expectations are flying high, spurring market participants to pay any price, or fear of too much exposure when expectations are too pessimistic, pushing market participants to sell at any price. Both scenarios create extreme deviations from the fundamental value of the investment.Risk, as defined by permanent capital loss, is primarily assumed when investors A) pay more for a security than its intrinsic value, or B) sell a security during a temporary market dip, locking in a loss.

What Does The Fund Invest In?

AlphaDelta Canadian Focused Equity Class Fund is actively managed by Laurus Investment Counsel and offers exposure to mid- to large-cap North American equities. The Fund will invest 50% to 90% of its portfolio into Canadian equities. The balance of the Fund’s portfolio will generally be invested in U.S. securities. It may invest in companies domiciled in other countries from time to time. The Fund has the ability to invest in short term debt or cash in anticipation of unfavourable market conditions or for liquidity purposes. The Fund is part of the Canadian Focused Equity category of funds.

The Fund’s portfolio advisor applies a highly disciplined value-investing approach, emphasizing capital preservation and a focus on absolute return and risk. This process supports the goal of identifying companies which have the potential to be leaders in their field. The Fund’s portfolio advisor follows a bottom-up, fundamental process in which each company is thoroughly examined with a view to determining whether, in the portfolio advisor’s opinion, the company provides the potential of long term value to investors at time of purchase. Each investment is evaluated over a long-term holding period, with the expectation that it should be worth significantly greater value five or ten years out.

Portfolio Structure and Time Horizon

The Fund will invest its portfolio such that it generally falls within the Canadian Focused Equity investment strategy category. As such, the Fund generally invests at least 50%, and less than 90%, of its equity portfolio in securities domiciled in Canada. The Fund will invest no more than 49% of its assets (based on cost) in foreign securities, with the majority of these foreign securities expected to be domiciled in the United States. In addition, the weighted average market capitalization of the Fund’s equity portfolio is generally considered mid to large capitalization (i.e., weighted average market capitalization greater than $5 billion).The portfolio advisor’s investment approach follows a company focused investment style, seeking companies with unique competitive capabilities, strong management, good growth prospects and a solid financial position. Emphasis is placed on paying reasonable prices for cash flow growth that companies in the portfolio are expected to achieve. The portfolio advisor expects the Fund to generally hold between 20 and 40 equity positions, diversified across business activities and/or sectors.