We believe Canada’s investment industry offers an unrecognized opportunity for the skills and insights of certain emerging independent Investment Managers.


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The difference is in our Purpose, Our Products, Our Clients, and Our Execution!


Our Purpose

We believe that people are intuitively drawn to simplicity and efficiency.
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AlphaDelta’s mission is to Discover Great Investors or Investment Managers, as they are known in the investment industry. AlphaDelta offers an opportunity for our clients to benefit from conventional portfolios that are transparent, simple and focused.

AlphaDelta’s suite of mutual funds stands in contrast to the fear and popular prejudice that are endemic in the managed asset industry. Passive and closet indexing has proliferated in the past couple of decades.

AlphaDelta sees opportunity in the true, active manager segment of the market.

AlphaDelta’s purpose statement will act as its guiding principles for the organizations management as it responds to opportunities and adapts to the ongoing changes in the investment industry.

“We believe that people are intuitively drawn to simplicity and efficiency”


Our Products

Simple. Transparent. Focused.
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AlphaDelta Mutual Funds are transparent simple and focused. Simple, meaning they are derived from marketable securities that are priced contemporaneously. Transparent, in that they are easy to understand and Focused which means they will typically have fewer than 100 securities. Initially launching in early 2015 with a very strong suite of funds, AlphaDelta’s proprietary service promotes and positions its Great Investors in targeted market segments.


Our Clients

Benefit from a platform and process that is cost-effective, unique, and highly scalable.
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AlphaDelta offers its clients (investment professionals) active, conventional, Great Investors whose portfolios are Transparent, Simple and Focused. These attributes allow AlphaDelta to not only match Great Investors with our mandates but also allow AlphaDelta to undertake continuous due diligence and reporting to ensure our Great Investors stay within the mandate. AlphaDelta’s clients will benefit from a platform and process that is cost-effective in the form of competitive fees in a very fee conscious environment. AlphaDelta’s clients will also benefit from a unique and highly scalable business model.

Portfolio Managers, Financial Advisors and Clients will benefit from:

  • Selection of the best Investment Managers;
  • Unencumbered investment opportunities;
  • Deal only with people with proven success in the industry;
  • Developed effective policy and mandate statements;
  • Competitive costs and higher returns relative to the mandate’s benchmark;
  • Continuous due diligence on the selected money manager;
  • Mitigated risk of professional embarrassment; Reporting to the clients, results for value added and compliance to the mandate;
  • Advice on positioning the Investment Manager on the distributors’ shelf;
  • Lowering volatility of revenues;
  • Support to the distributor’s sales force enabling them to sell AlphaDelta’s products; and
  • Design and develop products for distributors.

Investment Managers in a sub-advisory relationship with AlphaDelta benefit from:

  • Accessing to highly-experienced professionals who can execute a marketing and sales strategy to fit their budgets;
  • Developing marketing plans and materials;
  • Avoiding cultural clash between themselves and marketing/sales personnel;
  • Minimizing time and/or resources they put into business development;
  • Maximizing time and/or resources which will enable them to focus on the job they were hired to do – to manage investments;
  • Growing their assets under management;
  • AlphaDelta providing feedback to them on an ongoing basis; and
  • AlphaDelta positioning them in their targeted market segments.


Our Execution

Our job is to Discover Great Investors — then support them.
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AlphaDelta’s affiliate company, Qwest Investment Fund Management Ltd. has been a Registered Investment Manager for 10 years. The immediate benefit to our Great Investors is that they have access to a high quality, best in class infrastructure.

AlphaDelta / Qwest has its own seasoned risk management and back-office teams to support Investment Managers in their investor and regulatory reporting needs and distribution which, if done on a stand-alone basis, can be a daunting and expensive exercise. AlphaDelta estimates that Investment Managers might be able to support themselves, operationally speaking, with approximately $100 million AUM, but they would typically require assets in excess of $500 million AUM to support themselves from a branding and broad distribution perspective. AlphaDelta’s dedicated senior sales team offers each Investment Manager the opportunity to benefit from the platform’s collective strength by presenting a choice of investment opportunities. Our clients rarely choose a stand-alone Investment Manager, but would likely consider an allocation to AlphaDelta’s family of mutual funds if they knew that our Investment Managers operate independently on a cohesive platform, using a strict risk management system and common governance controls. The distribution service that AlphaDelta offers points to the power of alliances. We believe it’s a very attractive way for independent Investment Managers to get the best distribution possible.

AlphaDelta offers the right business model for its Investment Managers who want to grow their assets under management and become independent, not just operationally, but from a distribution standpoint allowing the Investment manager to focus on what they do best which is managing the portfolios.

AlphaDelta models itself on world-class mutual fund firms who have identified and developed Investment Managers in their early years and benefited from their success and growth. Our Investment Managers will also enjoy the efficiency that results from AlphaDelta’s core belief that superior risk-adjusted returns are achieved by being active.

AlphaDelta shares the view of the statistically backed evidence (see our library) that in order to beat an index you cannot resemble it. In particular, AlphaDelta agrees with the work of Mr. Antti Petajisto and Mr. Martijn Cremers whose research is exhaustive, global and thorough. AlphaDelta will endorse the new measure, Active Share as a determinant of superior returns and combine that with the fact that smaller and manageable fund size as shown graphically at the bottom of this page, ensures superior returns for investors.

“Our job is to Discover Great Investors — then support them.”

AlphaDelta™ portfolios are indeed the right choice!