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AlphaDelta Management Team

AlphaDelta™ is focused on building a sustainable mutual fund business.

From our earliest discussions, we have been investment-driven. We are not influenced by short-term thinking or slick marketing.

We have seen the growth of the abstract investment products market, and in contrast we have resolved to build our enterprise on these three principles: timeless, durable, uncomplicated.

Our affiliate partners at Qwest Investment Management Inc.

Maurice Levesque
CEO Qwest Investment Management

Maurice Levesque is the Chief Executive Officer of Qwest Investment Management Corp. Its core activity is the administration and marketing of mutual funds, flow-through funds and other products and services. Maurice is also the Chairman, CEO and Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Qwest Investment Fund Management Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qwest Investment Management Corp. which provides accounting and administration services to the Qwest group of companies and AlphaDelta Management Corp. Maurice is a Board Member of the Qwest Group of Companies and AlphaDelta Management Corp.

Cindy Bower
Senior Manager Business Development, Qwest Investment Management

Cindy is the Senior Manager, Business Development & Client Services for Qwest Investment Management Corp. Cindy has over 20 successful years of business development, investor relations and client services experience in the financial sector. This experience has enabled her to build many valuable relationships within the industry. Along with providing client service support to Investment Advisors, Cindy is responsible for the product management of Qwest’s flow-through investments which provide investors with tax strategy investment opportunities.