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AlphaDelta Management Team

AlphaDelta™ is focused on building a sustainable mutual fund business.

From our earliest discussions, we have been investment-driven. We are not influenced by short-term thinking or slick marketing.

We have seen the growth of the abstract investment products market, and in contrast we have resolved to build our enterprise on these three principles: timeless, durable, uncomplicated.

Jeff Powers
Executive Director, Client Relations

Jeff Powers is AlphaDelta’s Executive Director, Client Relations. He is based in Toronto where he oversees AlphaDelta’s industry liaison team.
As a 25-year veteran of the investment industry, Jeff brings significant experience helping investment advisors build long-term client relationships, develop sales networks and distribute financial products.
Prior to joining AlphaDelta, Jeff was the Executive Vice President for Canadian Sales with the financial technology firm 80-20 Connect Inc. That position built on two decades of investment sales management experience, including appointments as:
● Regional Managing Director, Natixis Investment Managers
● Regional Director, Brandes Investment Partners Ltd.
● Regional Sales Manager, Ontario, Franklin Templeton Investments
● Regional VP, Dynamic Investments
● Senior VP of Wealth Management, StrategicNova Investments
Jeff holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen’s University. He has two children, Heather and Cameron, at university in Toronto and Ottawa.

Norm Beaudry
Regional Director, Client Relations

Adding Norm Beaudry to the AlphaDelta lineup brings another 25-year industry veteran to our team.
Norm graduated McGill University with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting. His accounting background has guided his work over the years — instinctively seeing how investment products are structured, how companies plan for growth, and how capital naturally finds where it’s best used.
Norm joined the investment industry in 1997, and has held positions with TD, AGF and Franklin Templeton.
At Franklin Templeton, Norm worked over 8 years with industry advisors throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario. His approach to working with investment professionals focuses on long-term relationships where the advisor succeeds by helping clients meet their financial goals.
Norm lives in Oakville, Ontario, where he is active in the community as an avid hockey coach and player. He has two teenage kids.

Marco Mannella
Regional Director, Client Relations

Marco Mannella is widely known as an “advisor to advisors” in the Golden Horseshoe region of Southwestern Ontario. And for good reason! Working in the financial services industry since 1997, Marco brings nearly 25 years experience to his conversations with IIROC and MFDA investment advisors, sharing market insights, investment recommendations, tax strategies and practice-building ideas.
Over his two decades in the sector, Marco spent 16 years as Vice-President of Regional Sales at Franklin Templeton Investments. He has also worked in various customer-facing roles with a large Canadian bank.
Marco believes winning investment strategies require the right mix of insight, instinct and knowledge, and that successful investment professionals stay focused on industry trends and emerging opportunities. He has seen how “flying on autopilot” and losing sight of the big picture can take away from performance.
Marco graduated from York University. He holds the CSC designation from the Canadian Securities Institute and the IFIC designation from the Institute of Canadian Bankers.
He lives in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with wife Lisa and young son Christopher.
Contact Marco today to start your conversation on enhancing your client’s portfolio with actively-managed mutual funds.

Our affiliate partners at Qwest Investment Management Inc.

Maurice Levesque
CEO Qwest Investment Management

Maurice Levesque is the Chief Executive Officer of Qwest Investment Management Corp. Its core activity is the administration and marketing of mutual funds, flow-through funds and other products and services. Maurice is also the Chairman, CEO and Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Qwest Investment Fund Management Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qwest Investment Management Corp. which provides accounting and administration services to the Qwest group of companies and AlphaDelta Management Corp. Maurice is a Board Member of the Qwest Group of Companies and AlphaDelta Management Corp.

Cindy Bower
Senior Manager Business Development, Qwest Investment Management

Cindy is the Senior Manager, Business Development & Client Services for Qwest Investment Management Corp. Cindy has over 20 successful years of business development, investor relations and client services experience in the financial sector. This experience has enabled her to build many valuable relationships within the industry. Along with providing client service support to Investment Advisors, Cindy is responsible for the product management of Qwest’s flow-through investments which provide investors with tax strategy investment opportunities.