AlphaDelta Funds

Launched in 2014, AlphaDelta is a manufacturer and owner of active mutual funds and other investment products that are sold to Canadian investors through the broker-dealer distribution channel.

AlphaDelta believes actively managed mutual funds should be actively managed and designed to deliver superior performance per unit of risk.

AlphaDelta’s experienced portfolio managers have proven track records. Our management team includes one of Canada’s most accomplished investment fund sales and marketing managers, and one of Canada’s top portfolio managers.

AlphaDelta believes:

  • Active management is a compulsory component of an investment portfolio
  • If you pay active management fees, you should actually receive active management and oversight
  • Innovative modern pricing options are critical
  • That size of fund matters. We stand in opposition to high-priced, closet index funds pretending to be active funds
  • Prudently managing operations and aggressively managing costs benefits our customers and partners

AlphaDelta is headquartered in Vancouver, and maintains relationships and partnerships across Canada.