Our Philosophy

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AlphaDelta has a simple mission: to “Discover Great Investors”® for our clients.

What is Discovering Great Investors®?

AlphaDelta believes Canada’s investment industry presents an unrecognized opportunity. Namely, it’s the opportunity to discover skilled investment managers before they become widely known and their funds become overly-large.

As traditional mutual funds get larger, their investment portfolios can begin mirroring their benchmark indices. Their net performance consistently fails to exceed the benchmark. If those funds charge fees for active management, they are “closet indexers.”

AlphaDelta’s smaller fund assets under management allows managers to operate in the “sweet spot,” staying nimble and exploiting inefficiencies with greater ease.

AlphaDelta is Actually Active®

If you pay for active management fees, then you deserve active management. That’s why AlphaDelta is Actually Active ®

AlphaDelta funds maintain high Active Share®

Active Share® – an analytical tool measuring a fund’s difference from the benchmark – is an effective measure for gauging how much of your fund’s performance is generated by the market at large, and how much is generated by a fund portfolio manager.

The Unique Active Share methodology applied by AlphaDelta allows us to review managers for:

  • Greater active management
  • Superior diversification
  • Higher likelihood to outperform
  • Better value for your management dollars

Historically we have found that a fund with a, 80% or greater Active Share ranking’ are statistically likely to outperform their benchmark.

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