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AlphaDelta Management Corp is a unique Canadian company that manufactures innovative investment funds and distributes them through Financial Advisors and Investment Dealers across the country

Our great investors offer professional Wealth Managers and Financial Advisors the building blocks to design institutional grade investment portfolios.


Our structure is unique.

AlphaDelta is, by design, not registered as an Investment Manager / Investment Funds Manager with Canada’s financial regulators. Our partnership with Qwest Investment Fund Management Inc. allows us to leverage its infrastructure, expertise, regulatory registrations (IFM and PM), and distribution agreements (i.e., FundServ codes, dealer agreements and approvals, etc.), allowing AlphaDelta to quickly, efficiently and inexpensively create Investment Funds.

We are not married to any one asset or wealth management group. Our addressable market is all wealth managers and all institutional managers without their own retail products.

In addition to mutual funds, this includes potential for Private Equity (PE), Venture Capital (VC) and hedge funds.


AlphaDelta’s financial model is highly scalable and cost effective.

Our unique corporate structure was created to offer the best possible product at the most competitive price and lowest cost of development, without typical regulatory burdens.

ADM was incorporated under the federal laws of Canada in Vancouver, British Columbia on May 4th, 2014.


Efficient, transparent, active asset management.

We specialize in active portfolio management.

The proliferation of passively-managed and indexed portfolios have caused many investors to lose the benefits of active portfolio management.

AlphaDelta fills that void.

Unlike “closet indexers,” AlphaDelta is Actually Active ®.

Our actively-managed funds avoid style drift while maintaining high Active Share ®, a metric showing how much the fund varies from the benchmark.