Victor Therrien

CEO andFounder
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Victor Therrien is founder of AlphaDelta Management Corp, a diversified Canadian FinTech company that manufactures innovative investment funds for the Canadian marketplace.

After three decades in the financial services industry, Victor saw that passive investments like ETFs and index strategies offered limited opportunities to outperform the market. A truly diversified portfolio has an actively-managed component.

Victor launched AlphaDelta in 2015. AlphaDelta hires experienced investment managers as sub-advisors to actively manage its investment products. Each fund maintains a high Active Share ®, a metric showing how a portfolio differs from the benchmark.

Over a 35-year career, Victor Therrien has held executive roles in some of the world’s largest investment management firms, including positions as:

  • Founder & CEO, AlphaDelta Management Corp.
  • Executive Vice-President, Richardson GMP (Canada’s sixth largest brokerage firm)
  • Director, Global Institutional Group, Brandes Investment Partners LLP (San Diego, CA) and Executive Vice-President & Director, Brandes Investment Partners Canada (global investment management firm)
  • Founder & CEO, Therrien Wood & Co. (investment counsel portfolio manager and limited market dealer)
  • Vice-President, AGF, (Canada’s third largest mutual fund company)
  • Several Board Appointments for public and private companies / organizations

As a leader, Victor values collaborative efforts, innovative thinking and entrepreneurial success. He is widely recognized for a remarkable ability to develop complex financial products and services, designed to align with and exceed customer expectations. His expertise in developing tailored investment solutions has consistently demonstrated his deep understanding of markets and client requirements.

He is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and has credentials to work in Canada, United States and European Union.


WhatsApp +1 778 987 6417 [victortherrien]